Good news, folks!!

I could qualify for the national Olympic curling team and head to Sochi in a few weeks!!!

With this extremely WET winter keeping my yard akin to a Louisiana swamp, seems like my three dogs bring part of the yard into the house with them every time they go out and come back in. I’m using the swiffer mop so often to keep those muddy paw prints to a minimum that I look like a member of the curling team frantically ‘curling’ the floors, chasing after the dogs throughout the house!

Muddy Prints

And don’t get me started on the stray leaves that make it into the house. One of our dogs has such thick fur that I think she hides those leaves deep down in her fur coat to fling around the house at a later time just to get a really good belly laugh while she watches me clean them up.

Though I just KNOW that the Olympic team could really use my curling prowess, I’ll have to turn them down when they call. I don’t know how I would ever be able to go help them out: With as much mud as these dogs bring in on every trip outside, I’m sure that the mud would be ankle deep in a very short time, and then I’d have to use a shovel to clean it out.

I wonder if there is a SHOVELING event at the Olympics for which I could train?

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