When I’m out in the fields harvesting, I have lots of time to think.

Today’s thought:  Did they/do they have chiggers out on the Great Plains?  I was thinking about the opening scene of the Little House on the Prairie TV show, where the girls are running through the fields, and thinking that if they do have chiggers in that area of the country, those real farmers in the olden days had to have been killer miserable!  Evidence of this morning’s chigger coffee break at my panty line is indeed itchy, thanks for asking, because we SURE do have chiggers in this part of the world!

Second thought of the day:  Those beautiful fields of waving grass that those girls are running through are dangerous!  They look smooth, but when you try to walk across them, the ground underneath that deceptively smooth grass is uneven.  I invariably fall, or at the very least trip when I cut across a field.  If my fields could be called liars, they would win the liar of the year award.  My ankle is wrapped after a stint with the ice pack.


Third thought of the day (I TOLD you that I did lots of thinking out there):  When we first bought our farm, we were trying to come up with a name for it.  I suggested “White’s end,” as we are at the end of a very long country road.  My husband nixed that idea because he thought that it suggested the end of his life.  Well, all these years later and as I get older and this farming is becoming harder (because all the crops have been in for several years now and are finally beginning to produce at their full rate), there are days that I think that this farm is definitely going to be the death of me.  Between the heat, droughts, humidity, bugs, aging joints, and weeds that grow exponentially like we are on an alien planet, I am thinking it really SHOULD have been name White’s End!
But on the up side, my sunflowers are pretty!
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One Response to Chapter XL – HARVEST MUSINGS

  1. Emily Heath says:

    Perhaps the hard work will keep you fit rather than being the death of you. Hopefully. The field looks beautiful even if it is a trip and bug hazard.

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