The old children’s rhyme says that “April showers bring May flowers.” This year, though, the only thing that the showers brought so far was PUDDLES!!

Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction of an early spring this year made him a big fat liar!!!  We all have been awaiting the gentle warming sun to force buds and the greening of the grass.  All the spring showers aren’t difficult to take if you can see a little progress out there.  But this year, it’s as if Middle Tennessee was transported to Seattle when we weren’t looking …. The cloud cover and drizzle and rain were exhausting!

Back in the 1980’s people decided that there really was a link between a mood change and an extended period of sunlessness, or a cloud cover that just does not go away. They called it SAD … Seasonal Affective Disorder.  To combat SAD, one had to be exposed to natural sunlight which they called light therapy, or phototherapy.

Suddenly there was a glut in the market for miner-like hats that focused a light onto ones face to remedy SAD. But it couldn’t be just any light! No! It had to have a certain type of light to fix SAD. Reading the description of these special lights takes a degree in engineering to decipher (or maybe a degree in hogwash …. who’s to say?).  Some of the descriptions say “Scotopically enhanced, unique 5 phosphor blend” …. “Lamp produces 10,000 lux 15 13” …. “Sunshine in a box!”  And just think what a FASHION PLATE you were if you actually wore one!


Over the years, when the winters seemed to last FOREVER and I was sick and tired of cold and wet and drizzle, I would tell my husband that I had SAD. The first time I said it, he misunderstood and thought that I had said that I ‘was’ sad and he compassionately asked me what I was sad about and how he could fix it!!  I explained that I WASN’T sad, I HAD SAD, and that the only solution for SAD was a trip to California or Florida. He was much less compassionate at that point.

When this year’s winter cold and drearies finally gave way to early spring showers, I was almost relieved that the sky would finally dump all of that grey it was holding onto. I thought of it as a clean slate; spit out all that crap and now the air is clean and the sun can shine through and we can get on with the business of spring!

Except that the spring showers stayed. And stayed. And hung on. And rained on us. And stayed and stayed and stayed.

I was feeling especially rained on one day when I had to go outside. I looked around at the deep puddles and the runoff and realized how WET everything was. And I said out loud that I needed a good pair of wellies or rainboots, like the fancy kind they have in England or like the kind I wore when I was a kid …. Tall, rubber, easy to get on and off, easy to stomp around in ….

And then it hit me! I needed to stomp around in the puddles to get rid of these winter doldrums!!  And so I did!!

I didn’t have a colorful pair of rain boots with polka dots or the cute little bows on the back, but I DID have my farm boots.

So I put them on and stomped around the farm like a six-year-old!  Sometimes I stomped with one foot. Sometimes I stomped with two feet! Sometimes I even got a running start so that I made a really big splash. Sometimes I stomped like I was in a parade, knees kicking up high.


I got wet from the rain coming down and I got wet from the puddles coming up.
And I had a really really good time and that took care of those SAD-induced winter drearies!  It made me laugh and I felt great by the time I came in to shower and get all cleaned up and warm and cozy!

The rest of the day I smiled a Mona Lisa smile:  happy with myself and the grand puddle jumping I did, and content even though those darn clouds were still out there.

Copyright © 2013, Maura White. All rights reserved.

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  1. Excellent cure for SAD, or any bad mood for that matter! 😀

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